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Life can get hectic. Whether you are juggling a career, family, business, and every other priority on your checklist, productivity is a skill and science. The good news is, with grit, support, and a few tools, you can turn your impossible situation into a launching pad to success.


4x Best-Selling Author

Books that encourage the heart.

Helping business owners and leaders achieve success in their organizations and personal lives.

About Me.

My professional and personal life experiences have placed me in more crises than one can count. Each time a new situation arose, my instinct would kick in, and I'd somehow find my way out -- at the expense of my health & wellness. It wasn't until I applied tried and tested tools & strategies that I experienced true success. 


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Aisha Alvarez, MHRM

"Issata didn't just build my site, she taught me how to fish. THAT is women's empowerment." 

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LaRetha C. P. Odumosu, PhD

Thank you for pushing me, the encouragement, and your work!

I love my site. 

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Dr. Chanel Serano

Issata opened my eyes to so many possibilities in my business. Thank you for your passion and business savvy!

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Dr. Amos Fenwa

I did what you told me to do. I sold EVERYTHING!

Education & Certificates

Certificate: Leading Diversity & Inclusion, Northwestern University, April 2021


Certificate: Women’s Leadership, Yale School of Management: Executive Education, February 2021


Master of Social Work (MSW), Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick, NJ    

Specialization: Public and Non-Profit Management, May 2009


Bachelor of Arts, Rutgers College, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick, NJ

Majors: Political Science and Africana Studies, May 2005

Additional Certificates:

Enhance Productivity in a Hybrid Work Environment; Agile at Work: Planning With Agile User Stories; Getting Started as an Agile Project Manager; Agile at Work: Build Your Agile Team; Transitioning from Waterfall To Agile Project Management; Agile Foundations; Agile Project Management: Comparing Agile Tools; Agile at Work: Reporting with Agile Charts and Boards; Strategies To Improve Self Awareness; Trauma Informed Change Management; Creating Inspiring Content On Uninspiring Days; Agile At Work: Getting Better With Agile Retrospectives; Driving Productive Agile Meetings; Agile Project Management With Microsoft Project, Building; Connection and Engagement in Virtual Teams; Business Writing Principles; How To Speak So People Will Listen; Communicating Through Disagreement; Communicating with Empathy, Crafting Questions To Make Better Decisions, Icebreaker For Teams, Meetings, And Groups; 20 Habits of Executive Leadership; Confronting Bias: Thriving Across Differences; Staying Positive in the Face of Negativity; Humble Inquiry: The Gentle Art of Asking Instead of Telling; Ten Mistakes Leaders Should Avoid; How To Be an Inclusive Leader; Humble Leadership: The Power Of Relationships: Openness and Trust; Becoming an Impactful and Influential Leader; Become a Chief of Staff, Compassionate Directness; Brand Leadership: Building Brand and Culture; Executive Influence; Subtle Shifts and Thinking for Tremendous Resilience; Being Positive At Work; Leading with Emotional Intelligence; Diversity, Inclusion, And Belonging; Unconscious Bias; Public Speaking Foundations; Inclusive Leadership, Communicating Across Cultures; Creating a Communication Strategy; Managing High Potentials; 17 PR Mistakes To Avoid; Meeting Facilitation; Learning To Say No; Podcasting: Business and Law; Executive Presence For Women

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