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Life can get hectic. Whether you are juggling a career, family, business, and every other priority on your checklist, productivity is a skill and science. The good news is, with grit, support, and a few tools, you can turn your impossible situation into a launching pad to success.


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About Me.

My professional and personal life experiences have placed me in more crises than one can count. Each time a new situation arose, my instinct would kick in, and I'd somehow find my way out -- at the expense of my health & wellness. It wasn't until I applied tried and tested tools & strategies that I experienced true success. 


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Aisha Alvarez, MHRM

"Issata didn't just build my site, she taught me how to fish. THAT is women's empowerment." 

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LaRetha C. P. Odumosu, PhD

Thank you for pushing me, the encouragement, and your work!

I love my site. 

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Dr. Chanel Serano

Issata opened my eyes to so many possibilities in my business. Thank you for your passion and business savvy!

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