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Issata O.

Speaker | Strategist | Consultant

Let's turn those dreams into a reality.

I help women who lead achieve success, ease, and joy.


Award Winning Administrator  &
4x #1 Best-Selling Author

Books that encourage the heart.

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Leadership Development
  • Keynote: "The Heart of Servant Leadership"

  • Training: Professional Mapping

  • Training: Personal Reflection & Self-Correction in Leadership

  • Training: Professional Development Planning 

Strategic Planning 
  • Keynote: "Creating & Sustaining Positive Organizational Culture"

  • Strategic Planning Support (Project Management)

    • SWOT Analysis

    • Program Evaluation

    • Project Charters & Processes 

    • Change Management 

Conflict & Crisis Management 
  • Training: Crisis Management and Response Planning

  • Keynote: "Partnering Across Difference"

  • Keynote: "Leading Cross-functional Teams" (Matrix Style Organizations)

  • Training: Balancing Professional and Personal Demands

  • Keynote: "Self-Care for Servant Leaders" 

  • Training: "Becoming": Cultivating Personal & Private Success 

I help leaders develop actionable strategies for achieving and sustaining success in their organizations and personal & professional lives.

Life can get hectic. Whether you are juggling a career, family, business, or every other priority on your checklist, productivity is a skill and science.

You're Here Because:


  • You’re ready to invest in your personal and professional growth, but you're unsure of the right next step.

  • You’re facing challenges in your organization that you want to overcome.

  • You are ready to launch your personal brand to make a greater impact.

  • You aspire to elevate your leadership skills.

Whether it’s securing a career that amplifies your impact, launching a book or platform that uplifts your community, or crafting a personal brand that reshapes the course of humanity – I am here to guide you through it.  With expert support and a few tools, you can turn your impossible situation into a launching pad for success.

Your vision is valid, your dreams are attainable, and I am here to support you every step of the way.

About Me.

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I am passionately dedicated to empowering purpose-driven women to transform their dreams into tangible realities. Through data-driven and trauma-informed coaching, I support my clients in overcoming personal and professional obstacles, helping them achieve the greatness they deserve.

As an award-winning administrator, my journey has been shaped by numerous professional and personal challenges. Each crisis was a learning experience that honed my instincts, though often at the expense of my own health and wellness. It wasn't until I embraced tried and tested tools and strategies that I experienced true success.

With 20 years of leadership development experience and 10 years of hands-on private and non-profit leadership expertise, I bring a wealth of knowledge, a systemic approach, and a proven track record of success to my clients. For me, this work is more than a business; it’s a calling. It's about harnessing a unique skill set tailored for exceptional women, preparing them to step into purpose-driven leadership, and making a significant impact on the world.

I invite you to schedule time with me to learn about my coaching and consulting offerings. Together, we can unlock your potential and propel you towards your most ambitious goals.

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Aisha Alvarez, Ph.D.

"Issata didn't just build my site and help publish my book, she taught me how to fish. THAT is women's empowerment." 

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LaRetha C. P. Odumosu, Ph.D.

Thank you for pushing me, the encouragement, and your work!

I love my site. 

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Dr. Chanel Serano

Issata opened my eyes to so many possibilities in my business. Thank you for your passion and business savvy!