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Organizational Change

Throughout my career, I have somehow always found myself amid organizational change. Whether it is transforming an organization that has lost its sense of direction, streamlining processes to encourage effectiveness and collaboration, or building a start-up, my first-hand experiences and proven track record of success can help your organization get back on track. 

Brand Development 

Let us help you make the transition from good to great. Our team of professionals cuts across the publishing, media, and event planning industries. Whether you are seeking to secure a career that amplifies your impact, launching a book or platform that uplifts your community, or crafting a personal brand that reshapes the course of humanity, our shared expertise can help position your brand in front of your ideal organization, clients, and business partners. 

Leadership Development 

Transitioning into a leadership role can be a huge undertaking. It requires a great deal of courage, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence. My coaching style and workshop facilitation can help new leaders establish their leadership identity by intentionally developing their leadership philosophy and applying their style to everyday challenges that arise within management and leadership positions. 

Keynote Speaking

It is essential for leaders to inspire and encourage the heart of their team members. Whether it's a staff retreat or awards ceremony, my engaging style can help your audience connect with their inner leader. 

Areas of Expertise
My Approach

Systems Theory Meets Project Management 

The field of Social Work has long examined the impact of social environments on human behavior. While very few see the workplace as a social environment, it takes up a considerable portion of our lives. On the other hand, project management is critical, as it helps organizations understand, commit, and execute their mission and goals.

By combining a systems and project management-based approach, I offer individuals and organizations feedback that can help them not only assess their stakeholders and workplace as a social environment but also support managers and leaders in developing a strategic plan that best suits their needs.



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